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“New Age” followers and spiritualists of all kinds, recognize the Orbs are not lifeless dust or moisture.  They believe these unexplainable circles of light are supernatural, “paranormal” life forms, spiritual in nature.  Some believe the Orbs are the souls of dead people, trapped between dimensions. Others believe the Orbs are unique life-forms such as ghosts, spirit guides or angels.  Some even believe they are some type of UFO or space aliens.

The first “International Conference”, dedicated solely to the discussion of Orbs, was held in Sedona, Arizona, in May of 2007, “ground zero” for the New Age movement in the USA.  A distinguished faculty, with university and National Geographic credentials spoke.  These people believe they finally have scientific evidence that supports their unconventional “worldviews.”  An “Orb” search of the Internet will turn up literally hundreds of “New Age”, ghost hunter and spiritualist websites, with thousands of photographs and theories.  However, none of these explanations will suffice for the serious scientist, “anti-supernatural” skeptic, or the Christian.


In September of 2007, the Holy Spirit led me to provide a “Christian” response to the Orb phenomenon, because I have personally taken thousands of photographs of the unusual light Orbs.  Since 1976, I have experienced God’s supernatural manifestations in my life, including all kinds of miracles, healings, signs and wonders, similar to those described and predicted in the Bible.  Therefore, I admit that my personal bias is that of a “Born-again”, “Spirit-filled” Christian, who believes in the supernatural power of God.  I also know that Satan is alive today and still causing evil in our world.

As followers of Jesus Christ, we must examine all the evidence (natural and supernatural) and evaluate it through the prism of the Bible, our intellect and the scientific method.  Therefore, I am addressing this issue now, because many Christians are finding these Orbs in their own photographs and are seeking Biblical answers to the phenomenon.  My investigation of the subject has turned up photographs where the Orbs are clearly visible in Christian churches and cathedrals all over the world.   Very little explanation is offered usually.  A few churches, ministries and individual Christians are now beginning to recognize the Orb phenomenon as a “sign and wonder” of the “last days”.  However, the appearance of the Orbs is not exclusive to Christian settings.

My own credentials to evaluate this phenomenon include being a professional artist with a 1974 Environmental Design architectural degree from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University.  I was trained in photography during my college years.  I have done photography professionally since 1975, using all kinds of cameras and lighting methods.  I have taken over a hundred thousand photographs during my lifetime.

Most of the photographs presented with this introductory article were taken with my “Canon Rebel”, a “Canon Power Shot SD 500” and a “Canon Power Shot SD 1000.”  Subsequent website pages feature photographs taken by other “Born-again” Christians, using both film and digital cameras of all kinds.  To learn what it means to be “Born-again” click here.

I am a follower of Jesus Christ.  He is the “Root” or “Rock” of my belief system.  I love Jesus with all my heart and have been a “Born-Again”, “water baptized”, Christian, since the age of seven (1958).  I have read the entire Bible numerous times and take it literally, as the inspired Word of God.  I also try to live by it.  I am a “Sinner saved by Grace!”

My family currently worships at a non-denominational church, Impact Christian Fellowship in Kerrville, TX.  However, I worshipped exclusively in Southern Baptist churches during the first 40 years of my life.  I have long Southern Baptist history, going back at least four generations, on both sides of my family.  I share this personal information, because some Christians are very suspicious of other Christians who witness supernatural miracles.  The reader should understand, I did not start out with the supernatural, “Charismatic/Pentecostal” type Christian “worldview”, which I hold now.

In addition, I must mention for Christians reading this essay that I also have Biblical “fruit” in my life.  Over the years, God has given me the distinct privilege of personally leading many people to Jesus Christ, in Salvation.  Since 1976, I have also personally witnessed many supernatural miracles, including documented, dramatic healings, similar to those described in the Bible. 

To maintain an accurate, honest testimony, I have documented the supernatural intervention of God in my life in numerous Prayer Journals, starting in 1989. (Click here to read about some of these “Greiner Family Miracles”).  Miracles first started occurring in great frequency, after my wife and I both prayed for God to release the supernatural “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” into our lives (1 Corinthians 12).  (Click here to learn more about this “Empowering Experience”, which God reserves for all true followers of Jesus Christ.)


I believe God wanted me to provide a Christian explanation of the Orbs on our website, so other followers of Jesus Christ can have a Biblical answer to the phenomenon.  After searching the Internet in 2006 and 2007, I was not able to find a single Christian explanation of the Orbs until I ran across the website of Mrs. Joie Pirkey ( ). Joie is the wife of a Christian pastor in Little Chute, WI, who has been seeing angels her entire life.  She is able to see the angels with her naked eyes, point them out and take pictures of them, which show up as Orbs! Joie is an incredible woman of God and has much “fruit” in her life to prove it.

The Angelic Orbs first started appearing at Impact Christian Fellowship in mid-September of 2006, in the original sanctuary. While taking photographs for the church's new website, Orbs of light were unexpectantly captured by several photographers, including the Artist. This is the Kerrville non-denominational church that Max and Sherry Greiner attend when they are in town.

Click here for more information on Impact Christian Fellowship.

On Easter of 2007, George Comegys, founding Pastor of Impact Christian Fellowship in Kerrville, Texas spoke a blessing over the people. Max took three photos in sequence which showed an Angelic Orb over George.
Richard Holcomb, one of the founding Elders of the church, had a bright Angelic Orb nearby as he prayed individually for people.
Orbs seem to be follow lead Pastor, David Danielson, as he preaches, sings and ministers.
This rare photo shows a half hidden Orb behind Philip Jimenez, disproving the "tiny particle theory."

Even though many Christian churches and ministries are currently experiencing the Orbs most have chosen not “officially” address the issue publically. This is probably due to the potential controversy that could result, due to misunderstanding.  However, years ago I promised the Holy Spirit that I would not be afraid to witness His supernatural miracles in my life.  I have faithfully done this since 1976, to the consternation of some religious people!

Therefore, as a simple follower of Jesus Christ, I am providing the following information, which is my best understanding of the Orbs, as of this date.  I also recognize that I can be wrong, in my assessment of the Orb phenomenon.  God is always right, but His children are often wrong! However, my desire is to honestly share what I know.

Therefore, this information is provided with humility, primarily for Christians like me, who have a sincere desire to understand what is going on in our world.  This explanation is for people who have a “teachable spirit”, and are not afraid to evaluate the scientific evidence, in light of the written Word of God.  The Bible says Christians should “discern” the times they live in.  I believe we are in the “last days”, before the return of Christ, when genuine and false signs, wonders and miracles are predicted to occur.


First, as Christians, we must all stand on firm “scriptural ground.”  We must believe, accept and embrace the Bible, and supernatural realm it describes.  It states there is a “natural”, scientifically observable world, and there is an invisible, “supernatural” world.  As Christians, we must believe Jesus, and all of His promises and His miracles, as described in the Bible.  Remember, Jesus said to at least believe Him on the basis of His miracles (John 14:11). 

Scientifically unexplainable miracles happen in our world every day.  These are just further proof of the spiritual realm.  However, be aware that Satan is capable of working his own counterfeit miracles.  The Bible says that strange, supernatural events will occur at the “end of the age”, as knowledge increases and people moved faster and faster.  In the end, evil will be called good, and good called will be call evil.  We are there now.

Also, realize that all the supernatural miracles described in the Holy Scripture actually happened, just as presented. These accounts are not fiction or myth, they are fact or parables of the spiritual truths.  The same kinds of supernatural Gifts, manifestations and miracles still occur in our time.  The millions of Christians will personally testify to verifiable, supernatural miracles in their lives.  Jesus is the same, yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13: 8).  If God ever worked supernatural miracles, He still does! 

In fact, if you are a Christian with an “anti-supernatural” worldview, please understand this: It will take a supernatural, unexplainable miracle of God, to take you to Heaven when you die!  Just because you don’t believe miracles are still happening, doesn’t mean they are not happening.  It just means you don’t believe they are happening.  Jesus said you must first have faith and believe before you get to see His miracles.  God rewards faith. He says to expect nothing if we are double-minded or have doubt in His promises.

Christians by definition must believe in the supernatural.  The miracles and supernatural Gifts of God have never ceased, despite what some Christians teach.  The scripture and the factual evidence are overwhelmingly on the side of those Christians who believe in contemporary spiritual Gifts, manifestations and miracles.


Christians need not fear Orbs, miracles, or supernatural manifestations.  “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but a sound mind” (2 Ti 1: 7).  At the same time, God commands us to “Test the spirits”, (1 Jn 4: 1).  “Satan himself can appear as an angel of light” (2 Cor 11: 14).

This is why we must have the Bible, the Word of God, and the “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor 12), to correctly evaluate what we see, hear and experience.  We need the Biblical Gift of “Discerning of spirits.”  (Click here for more information on receiving God’s supernatural Gifts and His Empowerment).  God expects His children to ask for all nine of the supernatural Gifts (described by the Apostle Paul) because without them operating in our lives, we can incorrectly attribute a manifestation or angel of Satan to God; or worse, attribute a miracle, manifestation or angel of God to Satan!

International Evangelist Graham Cooke participated in the December 2006 dedication of the new sanctuary at Impact Christian Fellowship.
Orbs filled the room as Pastor Bill Johnson, of Bethel Church in Redding, California prayed for miracles on December 18, 2006.
It is apparent that the Holy Spirit of God feels comfortable at Impact Christian Fellowship, since His Angels, miracles,manifestations and supernatural Gifts are welcomed by the church leadership.


In fact, Jesus said that the “unforgivable sin” is to attribute to Satan, miracles that were actually worked by the Holy Spirit (Mt 12: 31).  This is exactly what the verse says, even though some theologians try to twist the meaning.  All Christians must be extremely careful when judging and speaking against modern day, supernatural miracles, especially if other Christians are witnessing them.  Jesus commanded His children to testify to His miracles in their lives.  That is what we must do, regardless of what people think of us. Jesus said if we acknowledge Him before men, He will acknowledge us before the Father. Remember, just because we have not personally experienced something supernatural ourselves, does not mean other Believers are not experiencing a genuine, supernatural work of the Holy Spirit. 


Ironically, it is not the unbelievers who usually ridicule Christians for witnessing modern day miracles.  It is other “religious” Christians who belittle fellow Believers, regarding their miracle testimony.  These self-righteous experts often claim to have all the answers, and the ability to judge correctly, every miracle and manifestation testimony they hear, even before examining the evidence, or knowing anything about the Believer.  Since these theological experts are not experiencing God’s supernatural power in their own lives, they incorrectly assume it can’t be genuine in the lives of other Believers.

These “Accusers of the Brethren” are quick to persecute authentic Christians, who are only trying to sincerely witness their personal testimony, as best they can. Ironically, these witnesses, in many cases have led hundreds, thousands and even millions of people to Jesus Christ in salvation.  Yet, these self-proclaimed experts, in most cases, haven’t led a single soul to Jesus! 

In fact, many of these “anti-miracle”, “anti-Gifts”, anti- “Baptism in the Holy Spirit” Christians are secretly involved in the largest cult in the world, Free Masonry, which is based on Islam. It is the only cult that has successful infiltrated the Christian church.  Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of innocent Christians have been deceived into taking 32 suicide oaths, until finally at the highest levels they are finally informed of the organization’s planned deception.  These deceived victims are eventually told that Allah is the only true God, not Jesus Christ and presented with the Koran. Satan’s involvement in this organization is so bold that the “Satanic Pentagram Star” and other Moslem images are used as the main Masonic symbols! 

Satan has deceived many good Christians.  My father was a “32nd Degree Mason”, and my grandmother, on my mother’s side was the leader of the Southeast Texas women’s Masonic group, “Eastern Star.”  However, both acknowledged their sins, repented and renounced their involvement in Free Masonry, in the name of Jesus, before their deaths.  Jesus set them free of the evil suicide oaths, they were tricked into saying. Anyone who takes these demonic oaths brings curses on themselves.

Unfortunately, today Free Masons hold high positions of authority in many Christian churches, denominations, universities and seminaries. Therefore, it should be no surprise that these are the first people to oppose the operation of the God’s supernatural “Gifts of the Holy Spirit” (1 Cor 12). 

Organizations controlled by Free Masons always oppose the supernatural manifestations of God. They reject the Biblical “Gifts of the Holy Spirit”, that the Apostle Paul taught, yet allow Christians who have taken dozens of evil Masonic suicide oaths to take leadership positions in the church.  Even the Masonic Bible is published by the printing company of a mainline denomination.  And, we wonder why much of the organized Christian church is so weak.

It is Satan who wants to stop God’s miracles in the Christian church, and in the lives of individual Believers.  This is why he uses “religious” experts, who are under his influence.  Satan uses these deceived Christians to ridicule and attack the faith and testimony of other true Believers. Jesus said not to be surprised when this happens.  These religious experts “have a form of Godliness, but deny the power there of.” (2 Ti 3:5).  The Bible says to: “have nothing to do with such as these.”

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