Angel Orbs: Letters From Skeptics

A Christian Perspective By Max Greiner, Jr.

Letter from Cynthia

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I wrote to thank you for your website a few days ago. Since then, my husband (a VERY strong & faithful Christian) has brought up a few questions, which trouble me & which also make sense.

I have also seen these Orbs in pictures that I wouldn't expect; a raucous college drinking party, etc. Why do you believe that they are Angels, as opposed to just something unknown? I still think they're Angels, but I admit that my spirit is troubled about the whole thing now.  I should tell you that my husband is NOT saying they're from darkness, just saying that he's anxious that we not all leap into being deceived, just because it's such a cool phenomenon. Anyway, a few questions!

 Thanks, Cynthia

On 2/9/07, Max Greiner, Jr. wrote:

Dear Cynthia,

Thanks for your two emails about Orbs. Your husband is correct to always "test the spirits,” as the Bible says. Followers of Jesus Christ are to be wise and discerning.  Many false spirits, and "christs" are in the world. However, all Christians must also remember that the Holy Spirit is fully capable of doing anything supernatural He wants.  His activities can be very disconcerting at times, since most of us are not very familiar with the supernatural power and manifestations of God.  Ask Moses, Mary or Paul about the strange manifestations of God!

The reason the Angels of God always had to say, "Fear not!", just about every time they showed up, was because we humans are very fearful of supernatural manifestations, even when they are from God.   However, the Bible says that God does not give us a spirit of fear. Therefore, I always recommend that Christians do the "Jesus Test", whenever they need to know the spiritual source of a supernatural manifestation, or person.

Jesus said to: "Test the Fruit (Gal 5: 22-23), and the Root (Ro 15: 12 & Jn 15: 5)."  If the Root is Jesus Christ, and the Fruit is good, then you are dealing with a real Christian, and probably a real miracle of the Holy Spirit. 

Also, I recommend all Christians pray for the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" (1 Cor12), so that the supernatural gift of "Discerning of Spirits" can be activated in their lives. (Click here to learn about these Empowering Gifts). When this Gift is operating, the Holy Spirit will provide supernatural information as to the spiritual source behind a person, or miracle.

The Angelic Orbs floated over the top of hundreds of international radio and television preachers and evangelists, as Twila Paris sang during the annual convention of the National Religous Broadcasters in Orlando, in February of 2007.
Angel Orbs followed Mrs. Vonette Bright, founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, with her late husband, Bill. Vonette attended the National Religous Broadcasters in Orlando, in February of 2007

Regarding the Orbs of light, I had the same questions regarding their source, as you and your husband. I knew that the Orbs that were appearing during the praise and worship of Jesus were from God.  These Orbs increased in numbers as worship, ministry and teaching about Jesus Christ occurred.

The Orbs also appeared to follow and hover over "on-fire" Christians.  In addition, other Christians have been able to photograph Orbs immediately after asking God, in the name of Jesus, to allow these Angelic Orbs to manifest. In addition, close-up photographs of the Orbs have revealed an internal structure that is described exactly by the ancient Jewish Prophet, Ezekiel (Eze1: 15-22).

The Prophet said these, round, wheel-like spirits travel with the Holy Spirit and move without turning. Ezekiel also said they had four rings, or rims, and eyes all around.  So, the Orb images perfectly fit this visual description of the Old Testament Prophet.

However, the question still remained in my mind, how do we know the Orbs appearing in the photographs of non-Christians, and workers of evil, are from God, since Satan is able to masquerade himself as an angel of light? All I can tell you is that the matter was resolved for me when I prayed and asked God to answer this exact question.  The Holy Spirit led me to the Bible verse that clearly stated God's Angels watch over the "evil and the good" (Pr 15: 3).

God is everywhere and nothing, good or bad, escapes His attention. Since this is true, the Holy Spirit of God and His Angels are witnesses to all the evil being done everywhere.  As a result, everyone will be held accountable for their actions and words. So, it should not be surprising that Angelic Creatures, fitting the description of Ezekiel, are in the photographs of non-believers, even if these people don't realize the Orbs are actually servants of the Most High, "Christian" God.

In addition, I am personally convinced that non-Christians, who are witnessing this Orb phenomenon, are actually being "set up" by our God, for His salvation, or perhaps He has sent the Angels to protect them, until conversion.  God loves these people too. He has allowed His Angelic Orbs to appear in their own photographs, thus stirring up considerable curiosity and excitement, especially in false religion and New Age crowd.  They know the Orbs are real, and that they are supernatural in origin.  They just don't know their true source or nature.

The largest internet search engine in the world, "Google", reported that during the last week of January 2007, there were 97,750 searches for the word "Orbs", in just seven days!  That is 13,964 searches per day!  This is just one of many internet search engines!

Something is definitely going on with Orbs! I did not know this statistical information until after God woke me up at 3: 38 AM in the morning, on Monday, January 22, 2007.  The Holy Spirit clearly instructed me to "buy" the word "Orbs" from "Google".  So, after more prayer, I purchased the word the next day.  Now an ad for my (evangelical) art website comes up first, or near first, every time a curious person tries to find information on Orbs.  As a result, hundreds of people are now coming to my website, where they are presented with the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. I believe many of these New Age, and false religion followers will become "Born-Again", while at my website.  God is using curiosity in the supernatural Orbs to bring "lost" people to a salvation experience with Jesus Christ!

What a clever God we serve!  Thousands of "lost" people, who want nothing to do with Jesus, the Bible, Christians, churches, crusades, Christian TV, Radio or literature are now being presented with the Gospel, on our website! As my friend, Dr. Robby Carpenter pointed out: "Google" is the Mars Hill (Areopagus) of our day. You are just doing what the Apostle Paul did in Athens , Greece , two thousand years ago!  In the heart of a pagan world, I am boldly proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Like Paul, I also know the Living Word will accomplish its intended purpose.

Supporters of Israel attended the state sponsored tourism breakfast, at the NRB convention ,on February 18, 2007. God's Angels joined broadcasters, including Benny Hinn, who was being honored at the breakfast.
Ann Coulter spoke to hundreds of Christian activists, gathered in March of 2007, as Angel Orbs filled the sanctuary of the Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, where the "Reclaiming America" conference was held.
Angel Orbs appeared above worshippers at the River Church in Tampa, Florida, on March 27, 2007, as Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne approached the pulpit.
Pastor Bill Johnson, of Bethel Church in Redding, California, shared about the miracles of God at Impact Christian Fellowship in Kerrville, Texas, as Angels filled the room on December 18, 2006.

Therefore, I am convinced that the Orbs appearing in the photographs of non-believers are actually God's Angelic Beings, who are observing their activities, and creating curiosity, which can be used by the Holy Spirit to eventually save their souls.  I hope this explanation is helpful to you and your husband.

God bless you in your service to our King!

In Jesus Christ,

Max Greiner, Jr.
Max Greiner, Jr. Designs

The Angel Orbs were at the dedication of the new sanctuary of Impact Christian Fellowship in Kerrville , TX , in December of 2006.   Graham Cooke was the guest speaker.

During the 2007 convention of the National Religious Broadcasters, the Angel Orbs were photographed repeatedly hovering over or near the Artist's 1/2 life-size bronze sculpture, "The Coming King", which depicts the return of Jesus Christ.

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