Collectors' Art for Resale

Max first created bronze sculptures in 1978, starting with a yearly edition of 1/7 life-size sculptures of North American Wildlife.  The first eight annual editions of Max’s wildlife bronzes, prized by collectors, sold out many years ago.  Castings have frequently sold on the resale market, for two and three times the original issue price.  In addition to Max’s wildlife bronzes, he also sculpted two special Archery Art editions, which were created to raise money for wildlife conservation and education.  Max’s most recent sculpture editions have been of Christian subject matter, for the glory of God.

As a service to Max’s existing art collectors, we provide a means by which his collectors can re-sell their bronzes.  It is rare that Greiner bronzes are ever placed on the resale market these days.  However, occasionally a collector must sell his Greiner art, due to personal reasons.  Because of these circumstance, other collectors have the rare opportunity to acquire Max’s bronze sculptures, at excellent prices.

Please contact Max Greiner, Jr. Designs, if you have an interest in acquiring one of these sculptures, or making an offer.

Bronze Sculptures Currently Available for Resale:
#01226 “Defending the Kill" Bronze Sculpture

13” x 18” x 19”  (33 lbs)

Casting: #17/24

Cast: 1983

Asking Price: $6500.00

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"Defending  the Kill", was the annual wildlife creation of Max for the year 1983. This sculpture was immediatly popular and all of these pieces sold out prior to casting, from the preliminary drawing. Castings were reselling on the secondary market for two and three times the original issue price. The dimensions on these pieces are 27" x 14" x 20" (45 lbs). . The precise detail of Max's work, is evident here in the fur of the bear and even the delicate limbs of the dead, downed trees and rubble. Max, an avid bowhunter, once hunted a bear, and if you would like to read about this miracle story, click here.

#00676            “Ishi” Bronze Sculpture 

13” x 18” x 19”  (33 lbs)

Casting: #34/100

Cast: 1985

Asking Price: $5000.00

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Ishi was North America's last wild Indian and the "Patron Saint" of bowhunting.  Max’s sculpture was the first, and is considered the best bronze sculpture of the famous Indian, who was discovered in Northern California in 1911.  Max created this special sculpture edition to benefit the National Bowhunter Education Foundation in 1985, which Max helped found and headed as President for several years.  Almost $100,000 was raised for the hunter education organization..

#00293            “Spring Fever” Bronze Sculpture                  

12” x 22” x 16”  (32 lbs)

Casting: #18/24

Cast: 198

Asking Price: $ 8000.00

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“Spring Fever” features a mature “ Rio Grande ” wild turkey tom in “full strut”, displaying in front of a hen.  This bronze sculpture was created by Max in 1982. Twenty three (23) of the 24 castings sold out prior to casting, from the preliminary drawing.  The last piece in the edition quickly sold out and castings were reselling on the secondary market for two and three times the original issue price.  This “Spring Fever” sculpture pushed the limits of the “lost wax” bronze casting process, since many of the delicate feathers of the tom are individually cast.  This sculpture was an amazing artistic and casting accomplishment.

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