Calendar of Events & History


5/24/06 – 5/26/06 Family Research Council Conference Washington, DC Art Exhibit
3/30/06 – 4/1/06 Council for Christian Colleges & Univiversity Grapevine, TX      Art Exhibit
2/17/06 - 2/22/06   National Religious Broadcasters Dallas, TX    Art Exhibit
11/29/05 - 11/30/05  Christian Camping Assn.                  San Antonio, TX Dedication
8/19/05  Franklin Graham Luncheon       Corpus Christi, Tx Art Exhibit
7/10/05 – 7/14/05 International Christian Retail Show Denver, CO  Art Exhibit
6/9/05 – 6/11/05  First Lady Conference/ Tony & Lois Evans         Grapevine, TX Art Exhibit
4/22/05 Unity in the Community/ Chuck Pierce Bryan, TX   Art Exhibit
2/13/05 – 2/15/05 National Religious Broadcasters               Anaheim, CA Art Exhibit
10/19/04  S.W. Baptist Theological Seminary         Fort Worth, TX Art Dedication
10/29/04 Salvation Army Talk to youth                      Kerrville, TX Talk
8/2/04 – 8/6/04  Church of God International Convention San Antonio, TX   Art Exhibit
7/22/04–7/24/04  S.W. National Religious Broadcasters Irving , TX Art Exhibit
7/20/04 Church of God Headquarters Dedication  Cleveland , TN Art Exhiibit
6/27/04–7/1/04  Christian Booksellers Convention Atlanta, GA Art Exhibit
5/20/04–5/23/04 Walk to Emmaus Kerrville, TX Spiritual
5/17/04 Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship Kerrville, TX Talk
5/3/04 Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship Kerrville, TX    Talk
4/26/04 – 4/28/04  Christian Management Assn Convention  Dallas, TX    Art Exhibit
4/19/04 Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship Kerrville, TX Talk
4/7/04   Boy Scout Youth Talk, Lions Club                       Kerrville, TX       Talk
4/5/04  Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship                 Kerrville, TX      Talk
3/22/04 Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship Kerrville, TX Talk
3/20/04  Lone Star Bowhunters 30th Anniversary             Kerrville, TX    Art Exhibit
3/10/04 Mary Hardin-Baylor University Chapel Belton, TX     Talk
3/8/04  Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship   Kerrville, TX   Talk
2/15/04 – 2/17/04 National Religious Broadcasters                        Charlotte, NC   Art Exhibit
12/17/03  Premier Designs Christmas Party                         Irving, TX       Presentation
11/18/03–11/20/03 Lead Like Jesus Conference/Blanchard Birmingham, AL   Art Exhibit
11/12/03 Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship  Kerrville, TX     Talk
11/8/03  Alamo Art Galleries Open House                  Fredericksburg, TX Talk
10/8/03   Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship Kerrville, TX   Talk
9/10/03  Hearing God Class, Impact Fellowship      Kerrville, TX Talk
7/24/03  – 7/26/03  S.W. National Religious Broadcasters  Irving, TX   Art Exhibit
7/13/03–7/17/03   Christian Booksellers Convention   Orlando, FL      Art Exhibit
6/7/03  Moore's Gallery                                              Kerrville, TX    Art Exhibit
5/25/03 – 5/28/03  National Community College Convention Austin, TX   Art Exhibit
2/24/03 – 2/26/03 Christian Management Assoc. Convention    Colorado Spgs, CO      Art Exhibit
2/9/03 – 2/11/03 National Religious Broadcasters Nashville, TN    Art Exhibit




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