Gospel Funding Program

This program was created to provide 501(c)3 non-profit ministries with an additional source of funding. In exchange for simply recommending Greiner artwork, Max Greiner, Jr. Designs, will make a monthly donation to the ministry equal to 10% of all purchases made by ministry supporters. These purchases must be Retail and the customer must specifically ask, when placing the order, that a 10% donation be made to the participating ministry. Each ministry will be assigned a unique Gospel Funding Program "Gift I.D. Code", which will be used to calculate the monthly donation. There is no limit on the amount of funding that may be generated for a ministry. All Greiner artwork is eligible for this special program, from $7 key rings to $250,000 life-size bronze sculptures. Ministry supporters should make their orders direct with Max Greiner, Jr. Designs, by any method they choose, including mail, email, telephone, fax or through the Greiner website. For this program to be financially successful for a ministry, supporters must be made aware of this program. One easy way to do this is to use Greiner art images frequently in ministry literature and on the ministry’s website. Hyperlinks to the Greiner website will greatly increase the program’s effectiveness. Click here to read the "Gospel Funding Program" document.


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