Angel Orbs Miracle

Throughout the international 2007 convention of the National Religious Broadcasters, in Orlando, Florida, Angelic Orbs appeared on the top of Greiner bronze sculptures, which bring honor and glory to Jesus. A faint Orb also appears to be over the cloud base of "The Coming King®" 1/2 Life-size bronze sculpture.


Unfortunately, there are many “Christian” books and websites that continue to slander genuine followers of Christ, for their contemporary, supernatural testimonies. These self-appointed religious experts believe they are actually doing God a favor, (like the Apostle Paul, before his “road to Damascus experience”) by attacking fellow Christians.  Great men and women of God are currently being publicly belittled on the Internet, radio, TV and in books, simply because of their miraculous testimonies of God’s power in their lives.  Satan hates miracle testimonies, because they carry God’s anointing to reach the lost (Re 12:11).

Vicious and slanderous attacks have come against many of God’s most anointed servants, such as Kathryn Kuhlman, Kenneth Hagin, John Wimber, Ruth Ward Heflin, Bob Shattles, John Osteen, Pat Robertson, Oral Roberts, Mahesh Chavda, T.L. Lowery, Paul Crouch and Silvania Machado, to name just a few.  However, despite the vicious personal attacks against these Christians, they “turned the other cheek”, and continued to share about Jesus, and their personal testimonies for His glory.


Yes, there are naturally explained, and satanic, counterfeit miracles, demons and angels in the world.    Believers are commanded to be wise and discerning in this regard.  Not every miracle claimed by a Believer, or non-believer, is really a supernatural miracle.  Some have natural explanations.  Jesus specifically warned us against false prophets, false christs, false miracles and false angels (1 Jo 4: 1 - 3).  However, realize that counterfeits exist only when the genuine exists, at the same time. 

God expects us to determine the truth by doing the “Jesus Test”, as prescribed in the Bible.  We should always “Test the Fruit (Gal 5: 22), and the Root” (Ro 15: 12 & Jn 15: 5), to determine if a miracle, angel or person is from God.

The Bible indicates that God clearly intends for His children to be involved, and aware of the supernatural realm.  We are to carry and use the supernatural power and authority Christ has given us (Ac 1: 8, Lk 10: 19).  We are told to do the “works” Jesus did (Jn 14: 12). The Lord commands us to be engaged in supernatural warfare, which is conducted through prayer, fasting, deliverance.  We are to use the spiritual authority He has given us, as His sons and daughters, to defeat the works of Satan, his angels and demons.


The Bible clearly teaches there are only two sources of genuine supernatural power in the universe - God and Satan.  However, there is no contest here. God is the Creator. Satan is a “fallen” created being, who started out as Lucifer, one of God’s Archangels. 

God is infinitely stronger than Satan.  In fact, Jesus already won the war at the cross.  However, in these “last days”, before the Rapture and the Return of Christ, Satan is doing everything he can, to lead people away from Jesus, the only true path to God.  This can be clearly seen in the destruction of the family, the un-born and in the current “culture war.”  Satan’s involvement is also obvious in the “last days” international war against Israel and Islamic terrorists. 

Satan is very clever.  He prefers to hide his and his presence, when possible.  His first scheme in our “age of enlightenment,” is simply to convince people there is no God, no Satan, no Heaven, no Hell, no supernatural realm, and therefore, no need for a Savior, or His code of morality. 

Satan’s next scheme, if a person won’t believe the “God is dead”lie, is to lead them into false religions and cults with counterfeit “doctrines of demons.”  Satan’s main objective is to keep people from meeting and believing in the real Jesus, the only means to salvation.  As a result, Satan has encouraged people to create literally thousands of counterfeit belief systems, of their own design.  The devil does not require people to join a Satanist group, because he knows that any wrong path will end in their destruction. 

Satan is more than happy to animate the false gods of any false belief system, to deceive as many people as possible.  Remember, the one thing all false belief systems have in common, is that they all deny the unique deity of Jesus Christ, as the true Messiah and the only Savior of the world.  Satan will use counterfeit angels, prophets, gifts, miracle, signs and wonders to reinforce belief in these false systems.

Unfortunately, many Christians today put more faith in Satan’s power to deceive, than in the Holy Spirit’s power to lead and protect His children.  As a result, Satan’s strategy has kept many “Born-again” Christians away from and ignorant of God’s power, the real Gifts, miracles, signs and wonders,.  This is why much of today’s Christian church doesn't experience any miracles, or supernatural manifestations of the Holy Spirit.  It is “ignorant” of the Believer’s authority (1 Cor 12).   As a result it is powerless and consumed with the “traditions of men” and false doctrines.


Finally, I would like to answer the question: “What are the Orbs?” It is my personal opinion, that most of the Orbs being photographed today are indeed supernatural in origin.  If this is true then they either good or evil, under the authority of God or Satan. 

The Bible says that one third of the Angels (created by God) were cast down when Satan rebelled against God in the beginning.  Therefore, I believe that both good and evil angels can take the form of light Orbs, as they travel through time and space.  These angels, good and bad, were originally created by God as the same type of supernatural being. The description provided by the Jewish Prophet Ezekiel (Ez 1:15-21) thousands of years ago perfectly describes the Orbs we are witnessing today in our photographs.

I believe the appearance of these supernatural Orbs are “signs and wonders”, predicted by the Bible, just like the “Shekinah Glory” Dust.  These scientifically unexplainable “last days” signs prove the scripture is true, and the end of time and the return of Jesus Christ are near. 

Since these supernatural Orb Angels are now being witnessed by millions in our generation, God is apparently allowing this for a reason.  A most interesting question is: “Why now?”  Many Christians believe the Bible prophecies that predict the generation that is alive when Israel was “reborn” as a nation (which occurred in 1948) would not die, before seeing the “End of the Age.” If this prophecy is being interpreted correctly, then the end could come any time in the next 25 years.  The Bible also predicts during this “last days” period, that there would be many supernatural, documented miracles and angel sighting around the world, both from God and Satan.  I think the Rapture and the return of Christ are near.


Based on Scripture, I believe the round Orbs being photographed are only one form angels can assume. The good Orbs described by Ezekiel and are part of the “Heavenly Hosts” (Ps 148: 2).  They are either God’s “Angels”, or His “Eyes”, or both.  Scripture is clear that these angels are God’s messengers who witness everything.  They are supernatural beings sent to help and protect Believers, and even “pre-Believers.”

On the other hand, the fallen angels (who can appear identical to the holy angels) do the will of Satan.  These evil powers and principalities are the rulers in high places, as explained in the Old and New Testament of the Bible.

According to the Bible, angels are invisible most of the time.  However, they can take on various forms, including human (Heb 13: 2).  It is important to remember, that angels are never to be worshipped (Col 2: 18).  If you want one of God’s angels to do something for you, don’t ask the angel, ask the Holy Spirit of God, in the name of Jesus.  They obey Him alone.  To communicate in any way with angels, spirits, and “saints” is forbidden by the clear teaching of Scripture.  Otherwise, you may find yourself communicating with a fallen angel or a demon, who is pretending to be God, Jesus, a holy angel, a dead Christian, an ancient warrior, a princess or even a family member!  They will take on any personality necessary to deceive you.

I personally think all angels can take on the form of round Orbs, as described by the Prophet Ezekiel.  God is light and angels are creations of light.  The angels probably travel as Orbs everywhere at the speed of light.  However, throughout the Bible, in both the Old and New Testaments, the “Eyes of the Lord” are also mentioned repeatedly, and may be different than angels.  These “Eyes” could actually be another unique type of Heavenly being.  We just don’t know.

It is my personal opinion that some of the genuine, “supernatural” Orbs being observed and photographed today are actually the “Living Creatures” described thousands of years ago by the Jewish Prophet, Ezekiel.  In Ezekiel 1: 15 – 21, the Scripture describes “Heavenly Hosts” that appear like wheels, wheels that don’t turn, yet can go in any direction, from the ground to the air.  According to Ezekiel, these wheels at times intersect with each other.  These spiritual creatures have four rings, or “rims” that make them appear as if there are wheels within wheels.  Finally, the Prophet describes these living creatures as having “eyes all around”, and some with “faces.”

My wife, Sherry and I were astonished in the fall of 2006 when we first viewed the magnified details of the Orbs that I photographed in our church, Impact Christian Fellowship.  In some of the photographs, there appeared to be a delicate internal structure showing four concentric rings, or “rims!”  We were also stunned to see that these Orbs were covered with features that looked like eyes!  We now have thousand of photos of the Angel Orbs showing four rings, “eyes”, and Orbs intersecting with each other. 

Therefore, it is my humble opinion that many of the supernatural Orbs being photographed today are actually the angelic “living creatures” described by the ancient Jewish prophet, Ezekiel.


Proverbs 15: 3 states: “The eyes of the Lord are in every place, watching the evil and the good.”  This tells us that the Orbs appearing in the photographs of non-believers are either naturally explained, they are holy angels, the “Eyes” of God or “Messengers of Satan”, demons or fallen angels.  The holy angels are stationed there by the Holy Spirit, to keep an “eye” on the devil, and the actions, good or bad, of all humans.  Nothing escapes the “eyes” of God.

I personally believe spiritual Orbs are angels, either fallen or holy.  I don’t think Orbs are demons, which are a separate category of supernatural evil creatures.  The Bible says that in the beginning, that one third of the angels rebelled against God.  The scripture then states they had sex with women.  Their evil half and half offspring's possibly gave rise to the creatures described in the mythology of the Greeks.  The Bible says the world became so defiled, that God destroyed all life with the flood, except for Noah and his family.  The half human, half fallen angel creatures drown with everything else.

However their spirits, which are eternal, did not die.  These earth bound evil spirits are the demons, I believe, who now strive to enter and dwell in “living” beings on this earth.  They desire to “demonize” people, whom they can influence and manipulate. Sin makes this evil relationship possible.  According to Scripture, demons do not like wandering around in “dry places”, without a “host” body.  This is why demons will sometimes enter animals (Mk 5: 11).  Angels apparently have “bodies”, which can take any form, including Orbs, while demons must seek out a human or animal host.
The Scripture also indicates that fallen angels are in high places of authority over physical territories (Eph 6: 12).  The evil “Prince of Persia” fought against a holy angel 21 days, who had been dispatched by God to help Daniel. Only when God sent the Archangel Michael did the original angel reach Daniel with the message (Da 10:12). Evil is often repeated throughout history in the same geographic areas because of the sins that have occurred there.

However, always remember that demons and fallen Angels are no match for God.  They do not like to be around the Holy Spirit, His angels or Spirit-filled believers, who are walking in genuine repentance, holiness and worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, in spirit truth and power.

Therefore, I personally believe the supernatural Orbs being photographed in Christian settings with Believers are God’s holy angels.  Angel Orbs in non-believer settings could be either fallen angels or God’s holy angels observing the situation and reporting to God.


In conclusion, Christians need not fear Orbs.  They are either a naturally explained photographic effects, or they are angels. God protects His children with His holy angels, when they live in obedience to His commands.  To stay under the protection of God and His holy angels, Christians must avoid sin and repent quickly.  To continue in sin opens all humans, Christians and non-Christians alike, to the consequences of sin and the influence of fallen angels and demons.  This evil influence is called “demonization”.  The “Grace of God” often delays the consequences of sin for a season and should not be misinterpreted as God’s approval.  The Bible says that all will reap what they have sowed.  God is a holy righteous God who judges sin but will forgive the sinner.

The greater the sin life of a person, the greater the degree of demonization will occur.  Satan cannot steal the salvation from a “Born-again” Christian.  However, he can make life “hell on earth” for anyone in rebellion and disobedience to God.

In no case should angels be worshipped.  Communication directly with these angelic creatures should be avoided because this provides an opportunity for a Satanic deception.  This is why the false religions, cults and New Age crowd are so deceived.  Satan and his agents are pleased to communicate with anyone any time.  They don’t care which spiritual path we take, as long as it doesn’t lead to Jesus Christ! 

Therefore, in regards to angels and other supernatural manifestations, Christians should use spiritual discernment (1Cor 12). The name of Jesus Christ and His blood, spoken out loud by genuine Believers, will drive off demons and fallen Angels. When asked, the Holy Spirit will give spiritual discernment to His children. 

The one true God is watching our response to this Angel Orb phenomenon.  We can observe, photograph and be grateful for God’s Holy Angels, who He sends for our benefit and protection.  We can also thank God for these amazing supernatural warriors, who He has assigned to watch over us.  We should always thank God for any holy angel, miracle, or supernatural manifestation He gives us.  Also please realize that these holy angels are not cuddly, little babies with tiny wings and little bows and arrows either!  They are brave warriors with incredible supernatural power! 

Always seek the Commander of the holy angels, the Lord of the Heavenly Hosts, not the holy angels themselves.  They are the servants of the most high God.  If we seek Jesus Christ first, the Holy Spirit promises to dispatch His angels to help us. 

Remember, “Signs and Wonders” follow Believers” (Act 2: 19), not the other way around!  Keep your primary focus on Jesus, on not angels, demons, signs or wonders! Love God with all your heart and seek Jesus! Angels, miracles, signs and wonders will follow!  God loves to manifest His presence to His children, if they are willing to come boldly to His throne, in the name of Jesus Christ! He may even allow you to photograph the angels assigned to watch over your life!

I suggest you do what our family does.  Use your testimony of God’s angels, miracles, signs and wonders to point people to the Savior. Then, lead them to Christ and the Baptism of the Holy Spirit!  After all, this was the primary soul-winning strategy of Jesus and His disciples, in New Testament days.  The supernatural has always attracted the attention of mankind.  God knows it.  Use the fascination with the angels to bring people to Jesus.  The world is looking for the real, powerful God, who is alive and still working supernatural miracles.  Introduce the Commander of the Heavenly Host!  Introduce them to the King of kings and Lord of lords, Jesus Christ!

We live in an amazing time! I don’t want to miss out on anything God is doing in our day.  How about you?  It all starts with knowing Jesus personally.  Click here if you would like to become a follower of Jesus Christ!


If you would like to photograph one of these Angel Orbs, do your own experiment.  Get a camera and set it so the flash will operate.  Cameras with the flash located closer to the lens seem to be better tools for photographing both “natural” and “supernatural” Orbs.  However, any digital or film flash camera will work.

Take some flash pictures inside or outside and see what you find.  Then, pray and ask God, in the name of Jesus Christ, if He will let you photograph His angels.  You will be amazed!  Good locations to find holy Angel Orbs include Christian church services, Christian functions and around children. Remember; always get the permission of the leadership, before shooting flash pictures in a church.

If you get some good photos, please email them to us with your story.  Send them to:  We may post them on our website, with your permission.  And always, remember to thank God every time His answers your prayers.  Give Jesus Christ the glory, honor and the praise!


Jeff Miller, a Messianic Jewish Evangelist and long-time friend of the Artist, assisted Max at the international convention of the National Religious Broadcasters, which was held in Orlando, Florida in February of 2007.

Orbs filled the room at the State of Israel Tourism Breakfast on February 18, 2007 at the Convention Center. Pastor Benny Hinn was one of the speakers who was recognized for his support of the Jewish nation.

Vonette Bright, co-founder of Campus Crusade for Christ, attended the NRB convention in Orlando. Orbs hovered over Mrs. Bright, who is one of Max's friends and art collectors.

Click on image above to enlarge.

Orbs were in the room as Christian Recording Artist, Twila Paris led worship at the NRB convention held in Orlando, Florida, on Sunday, February 18, 2007.

Max was able to take a rare photograph at the NRB convention of an Orb partially hidden behind an object, in this case a hanging banner. Photos like this disprove the "Tiny Dust Particle" argument.

This rare photograph shows an Orb passing through a wall. Notice the left edge of the Orb at the top.

Some Angelic Orbs, which are photographed at the exact right focal length, reveal a delicate inner structure, when enlarged. Four rings or rims, and multiple "eyes" are visible. These circles of light fit the Biblical description of the "living creatures" that travel with the Holy Spirit of God, according to the ancient Jewish Prophet, Ezekiel. (Ezkl: 15-22)

Max visited River Church in Tampa, Florida on February 27, 2007. The fellowship is pastored by international Evangelist, Rodney Howard-Browne.

Dr. Luis Palau was repeatedly photographed with Angel Orbs over him as he presented the Gospel of Jesus Christ at Park Cities Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas on
June 29, 2007.

Dr. D. James Kennedy, founder of Coral Ridge Ministries, and Pastor of Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, hosted the "Reclaiming America" conference in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The conference was held for Christians determined to fight the "culture war". Angelic Orbs were present at all the meetings, including when TV commentator, Anne Coulter, spoke to the gathering on March 3, 2007.

Click on image above to enlarge.


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