Healing and Deliverance
God gives authority to His sons and daughters to dispatch serpents in the natural and supernatural realms. Max took authority over this deadly viper at his Kerrville ranch on October 22. 2020, as it stared at him from 12’ away, while the artist was praying and binding demons on the phone with a friend. Max sent the 58” Diamondback Rattlesnake to “Rattlesnake Heaven” that day!  (Click Photo)
I have given you authority to trample on snakes and scorpions and
to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you.

Luke 10:19
It is true, God still heals!

Yes, God is still supernaturally healing people today, through the power of the Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ. Yes, of course God also heals naturally using doctors, medicine, surgery and the natural healing power of the body itself. God is in that too. Yes, if you are a follower of Jesus Christ, you are entitled to ask God for both natural and supernatural healing, for yourself and others. Yes, any Christian can pray for the sick and receive healing.

The miracle Gifts still operate today!

Yes, the Biblical "Gifts of Healings" (1Co 12) still manifest through some Christians today, with frequency. God is still working supernatural, scientifically unexplainable miracles in our time, for His children.  The Bible says that Jesus is the same forever (Heb 13: 8).  That means if Jesus Christ ever supernaturally healed anyone, He is still doing it today.  God doesn’t change and He doesn’t lie (Nu 23:19, Mal 3:6, Ro 3:4).

Yes, healing was provided by Jesus in the Atonement, when Christ was whipped, bruised and crucified for our sins.  (Isa 53:4-5) Supernatural and natural healing is now available to all Believers, because of the shed blood of Jesus. Healing and deliverance are the "children’s bread" (Mk 7:26-27).

Yes, God can heal anything, any condition, any deformity and even raise the dead (Mt 10:8, Ac 9:39-42).  It is still happening in our world today.  I personally know three people who God has used to raise the dead.  God is actually still working "creative miracles" where organs and limbs are being restored.  I personally know three people who have experienced this kind of amazing miracle. 

The Holy Spirit is still willing to heal physical, psychological and spiritual illnesses, including those resulting from genetics, germs, accidents, birth defects, addictions, sinful choices and demons.  In some cases, Jesus Christ is the only way to find healing, because doctors don’t have cures for every condition.  The Bottom line is Jesus Christ can heal anyone, of anything, at any time!

Yes, "faith-filled" prayer, based on the promises of the Bible, is much better than "faith-less" prayer, uttered with no expectation of healing (Jas 1:6-8).  And, more "faith filled" prayer is better than less (Mt 17:20).  Yes, more "faith-filled" people praying are more effective than a few "faith-filled" people praying (Jas 5:14-16).  Quantity, quality and faith make a major difference, if you are seeking a miracle. Faith and prayer alone are worthless however, if not directed to the right God, Jesus Christ.  All other gods and faith systems are counterfeits (1Jn 4:1, Jn 14:6), even though a demonic form of healing can manifest for a season. Satan will use counterfeit healing and miracles to draw people away from the true Healer, Jesus Christ, the Messiah of the Jews.

Yes, God wants His children to always seek Him first for healing, before other avenues are explored. (Mt 6:33) Always immediately seek God first for healing.  God wants us to ask and trust that He is working on our behalf.  (Ps 37:4-7, Ro 8:31-32)  He wants us to listen for His leading and to keep praying, even when we don’t see the miracle. (Heb 11:1)  And, it is not a sin to go to doctors for help.  If it was, Jesus would have told us.  However, always remember, doctors are only human, and they don’t know everything. So, when healing is needed, pray to God first, and then do the wise thing and seek medical attention if healing has not occurred.  Usually Christians have this backwards, they go to doctors first and when they can’t help, they turn to God.

Yes, God wants you to keep a "positive confession" on your lips.  He wants you to have faith and agree with His written Word, the Bible.  God wants you to speak His will into existence, as it says in the Lord’s Prayer (Mt 6:9-10, Mk 11:22-24).   God wants His will done "on earth, as it is in Heaven."  This means, everyday things are happening in this world that are not God’s will.  The Holy Spirit expects His children to bring the Kingdom of God into our time and space.  When this occurs, miracles can happen.  

God wants His kids to speak "life" over themselves and others, not "death."  It is Satan (Jn 8:44) or our own sinful nature (Ro 8:5) that puts evil thoughts into our minds.  This is why the Apostle Paul said we must "take our thoughts captive", before they become evil actions (2Co 10:5-6). 

No, you don’t need to deny reality, or tell others a healing or miracle has happened when is hasn’t.  If the arm is broken, the arm is actually broken.  But, God does ask us to have faith in His Word and promises, and believe that He will heal you, in His time and way (Mk 11:24).  But you must obey His commands (Jn 14:15). 

Can God’s miracles be confirmed medically?  Yes, real genuine healing, both natural and supernatural can be confirmed scientifically.  If it is real, there will be evidence.  However, realize that most medical people don’t know what to do or say when they are confronted with a genuine, supernatural healing miracle from God.  Believers will acknowledge God’s intervention, while non-believers won’t know what to say since the evidence affects their personal worldview that there is no God.

Can you lose your healing?  Yes, ask any doctor.  Getting healed naturally or supernaturally doesn’t make you immortal.  However, the healing you have received can be maintained if you obey God.  This is why Jesus often told people He healed to "Sin no more, less a worse thing come upon you" (Jn 5:14).  In reality, all healings are temporary since we all have to die.  Then for Christians, the "eternal healing" occurs.

Yes, we should be specific and "name" the miracle we need (Ge 1:11-12, Gal 6:7-8). Yes, you should "claim" the promises of the Bible for yourself, and others.  Believe, obey and have faith in the Word of God.  That is faith in action. God expects you to do to show Him your faith. (Jas 2:14-18)   Faith without works is dead (James 2:17).   Without faith, it is impossible to please Him (Heb 11:6).  All of the promises of the Bible are your inheritance as a "Born-again" Believer. (2Co 1:20)   Don’t let anyone talk you out of your inheritance, as many Christians and churches try to do.  Stand on the Word and believe what your Heavenly Father has promised in the Bible.

Yes, it is true that only Jesus Christ had a 100% success ratio when praying for the sick to be healed.  No one else has a total success when praying for the sick, or miracles, no matter how famous they are.  God knows that human pride would take over.  Therefore, God works through humility.  Praying for healing and miracles without success results in humility for those doing the praying.  All of the greatest, most anointed men and women of God I know have often experienced failure. 

Warning: If you run into someone who claims to have "all the answers", or "total success" related to healing, hold on to your wallet!  No man has all the answers about the healing and delivering power of God.  (Jn 3:27)   However, it is also true that some Christians know a lot more than others, about the supernatural power of God. (2Pe 3:18)  As a result, these people have more success praying for the sick than others (Php 3:14-16).  Here is a "word" the Lord gave me recently:  "The closer you are to Jesus, the more miracles you will see!"

God is Sovereign

God is the ultimate mystery of the universe and He is sovereign. 

Yes it is true, not everyone prayed for gets healed.  Not everyone witnessed to gets saved either.  But, we are commanded to pray for the sick and witness to the ‘lost" anyway, in obedience to Christ.  The Bible says we are to pray for the sick (Jas 5:14-17) so they might be healed.  We must obey God, if we expect His blessings.  We must do our part and He will do His.  As my friend and mentor Bill Banks used to say, "We do the natural and God will do the supernatural."

Often, some people we think should get a healing or miracle, don’t, while others we think shouldn’t receive a miracle, get one!  What’s the deal?  This fact is hard to reconcile, even for those of us who have prayed for thousands of people for miracles. In the end, we must trust God and His sovereignty.  After all, He knows the future and the overall plan He is working out (Jer 29:11).  Much about God and His ways can’t be comprehended by us (Ro 11:33-34). The Bible says His ways are higher than our ways (Isa 55:8-9).  But know that God loves His children and desires the best for them (Mt 7:11), just like we do for our children. 

The Bible says God wants us to seek Him and His learn His ways (Jer 29:13).  He wants to reveal His mysteries to us (Da 2:28, Eph 1:9).  It should be our desire to receive all the blessings, understanding, empowerment, faith, miracles and healings that God desires to give us.  Never turn down anything from the hand of God because it is always good (Jn 10:10), though we may not recognize it at the time.

God gets great glory from supernatural miracle and healing testimonies (Mt 25:31).  This is how He defeats the works of Satan (Rev 12:11).  But remember, He can also receive glory from a Believer who is not healed.  The Lord can use the testimony of a Christian, in the midst of trials and illness, to bring glory to God.  Both testimonies prove God is real.  In all things we should glorify God (1Co 10:31).  But, God wants us to continue to seek life and healing. 

We should always witness the miracles of the Holy Spirit to others, so they might know He is God  (2Co 13:14). The testimony of Christians facing trials is often amazing.  If you are facing difficult times, you are a great candidate for a miracle! Never give up!

God is Good

God is all good and keeps all His promises (2Cor 1:20, Ps 145:13).  It is also true that most of His promises are "conditional" according to the Bible.  Understand, it is not God’s desire or will that people to get diseases, have deformities or accidents (Mt 8:2-3). He doesn’t will us to do evil, lie, steal or murder.  Read the "Ten Commandments" (Ex 20:1-17).  This basic pattern for life gives us a clear picture of God’s ideal will for us.  These verses were given for our benefit, protection, just as an earthly father gives warnings to his children.  They were also given so mankind would realize how we need "grace" and a Savior, since we all have broken some of the commandments.  If we obeyed God’s commands, many of the problems and illnesses faced by mankind today would disappear from our lives.  The result of sin is death, destruction, illness and even accidents (Ro 6:23, Jn 10:10). Jesus Himself made the connection between illness and sin when He told people after healing them to "sin no more less a worse thing come upon you" (Jn 5:12-14).

Does a good human father want bad things to happen to his children?  No.  Then why do many people blame God for everything bad that happens in this world?  It is because Satan puts this thought in their minds because he wants mankind to reject Jesus Christ and His promises. 

It is an insult to God and His goodness for His own children to believe illnesses, birth defects and accidents are caused by Him.  If we truly believed illness were the will of God, then why do we rush to the doctors to get His will (the sickness) removed?  Who are we to go against the "will" of God?  No, the Bible clearly states throughout the Old and New Testaments, that our God is a loving and healing God that desires His children prosper and be in good health (3Jn 2, Ac 10:38, Ps 103:2-5).

Even when bad things happen to Believers, our God promises to bring good out of the bad, for those called according to His purposes (Ro 8:28).  He is a good Father, better than any father on earth.  God is always willing to set things right when they go wrong, no matter the cause or the degree (Ro 8:31-34).  God desires that His children live out their full destiny in Him, to the full length of their days (Ps 91:14-16). 

Jesus said He wanted us to enjoy our lives and to live in health and abundance, spiritual and natural (Jn 10:10).  If we apply God’s Biblical principles in our live, we can experience His best for us (Ps 1:1-3). True happiness is not found in wealth, position or health.  It is only found in a deep relationship with Jesus Christ.  Ask the Apostle Paul (Php 3:7-11).

In this life we won’t all be healthy and wealthy.  This is the result of sin and a "fallen world."  However, the Bible says God will meet all our needs and give us life abundantly (Php 4:19, Jn 10:10).  He will not forsake or abandon us (Heb 13:5, Mt 28:20).

Our Father wants us to be the head not the tail (Dt 28:13), kings and priests (Rev 1:5-6)   representing His government on this earth.  He wants us to be lenders, not the borrowers.  God wants to use us to supply the needs of others, as His ambassadors (2Co 5:20) and servants (Mk 10:43-45).

The children of God should not have to "beg for bread" (Ps 37:15).  Instead, we are the ones who are to be giving bread to the needy (Eph 4:28).  God wants us to use our resources and talents for His purposes, to be His hands and feet (Mic 6:8). Nothing is wrong with asking God for wealth and health if our motives are to help others and serve God. 

Think about it.  Is a poor sick Christian, who can’t even take care of himself, someone you want to emulate?  (Lk 12:33-34) Who can do more for the Kingdom of God if their heart is right, a poor sick Christian or a health, wealthy Christian?  The Bottom line is God wants His children blessed because He wants them to be a blessing to others. (Gal 6:2, Heb 13:16)

The Problem

Unfortunately, God’s perfect will for mankind, or even His own children doesn’t always happen.  This is why the Father sent His Son, JesUnfortunately, God’s perfect will for mankind or even His own children doesn’t always happen.  This is why the Father sent His Son Jesus Christ into our "fallen" world.  Jesus came to redeem it from the curse and undo the works of Satan (1Jn 3:8 ). 

Satan is all evil and is the "father of lies."  He hates God’s children and does everything he can to stop their God ordained destiny (Jn 8:44).  He wants to destroy people and will use every opportunity to do so (1Pe 5:8).   The Bible says that the serpent (Satan) eats dust (humans) all his days on earth (Gen 3:14).  He is a roaring lion seeking who he may devour (1Pe 5:8).

Our sin provides Satan with authority in our lives.  When we give him this authority, in our free will, because of our sin, we open the door to our destruction which includes illness and accidents.  Demons are released to manipulate us and then destroy us. 

Yes, the Bible says that Christians can and do have demons at times in their lives.  If they are true Believers of Jesus, their spirit can’t be "possessed" (owned) by Satan or his demons, but they can be "oppressed" or demonized.  Technically, people who are "lost" are already owned by Satan and headed for hell.  Often these people are not harassed by Satan since they are already in his kingdom. In fact, Satan gives these people great earthly wealth, power and health if they are helping him draw people away from the true Savior, Jesus Christ.  This explains why the evil are so powerful and effective in this world.  They have been given a demonic anointing to serve Satan, and most don’t realize it.

The more we sin, the more demons attack us.  Demons need a willing human body to manifest their evil.  That is why demons seek to take over the mind and soul of a person.  Man’s "fall" and rebellion against God and His ways brought evil, disease, deformities, accidents, and death into the world.  When bad things happen today, you should be angry at Satan and his demons, not God.

Despite the consequences of sin, God has made a way of healing and deliverance for His children through Jesus Christ.  The Savior of the world came to rescue us from our bad, freewill choices and set us free from Satan’s snares.

Jesus has provided the "Keys" to an abundant life for His children, which includes physical and mental healing.   It also includes deliverance from demonic psychological, sexual and chemical bondage.  These Keys are in the Word of God, written there for anyone to discover.  However, relationship, faith, and obedience are required to activate the promises found in the Bible.  Remember, the Bible says God’s hand is moved by faith and obedience, not need (Heb 11:6).

The Greiner’s Personal Introduction to Healing

Back in July of 1989, I had a father who was dying of an incurable genetic disease, and a wife who was also slowing dying of a life-threatening psychological disorder.  At the time, I did all I knew to do, prayed all I knew to pray, but it still wasn’t enough to help either of them.  My own desperation led me back to the God of my youth and His written Word.  I knew their only hope would be found in God.  Even though I was "Born-Again" at age 7 when I surrendered my life to Jesus Christ, my understanding of God was very limited.  He knew me as a son, but I knew very little about Him or His ways even though I was an adult.

I grew up as a "good" 4th generation Southern Baptist.   I was blessed with Godly parents and grand parents who taught me about Jesus. Frequently, I was in church and church activities during the first 40 years of my life, even though I fell away from church attendance during my college years and the first two years of marriage.  The only time I ever read the Bible was when we studied selected passages in Sunday school.  That was enough I thought.  Everything was good. I was healthy, happy and all my prayers were being answered.  I had all of God I needed, so I thought.

Then, in the mid eighties, my beautiful wife, Sherry was diagnosed with depression and Anorexia Nervosa, a mental illness that killed one in five.  Then my wonderful father was diagnosed with Alpha One Anti Tripson, a rare, incurable genetic lung disease.

Suddenly, I needed miracles for the two people I loved most deeply because medical doctors were unable to stop their downward spiral toward death.  Desperation drove me back to the Bible after longtime friend, Jim Beard, gave me a personal "Word" from God in the early eighties.  Jim was an archery friend since 1970, who urged me to read the entire Bible.  I knew in my spirit Jim was right and that the answers to all my questions were inside that book.  Therefore, I committed to God, at that time, to read His entire Bible cover to cover.  I selected a modern translation so I could better understand the meaning and prayed each session for the Holy Spirit to explain what I was reading. 

As a result, my understanding of God and His ways changed forever after reading the entire Bible for the first time.  I learned things about God no one had ever taught me in church, or Sunday school.  I discovered that my God was still a miracle working God, a God that was willing and capable to work miracles in our time if we would simply believe His promises and obey Him. Nothing in the entire Bible said He stopped working miracles or giving His supernatural, miracle working "Gifts" (1Co 12).  My eyes were forever opened by the scripture as I began to seek a deeper understanding of my God.  It was during this crisis time in my family that God began to reveal more to me about Himself. 

In addition to the life threatening conditions faced by my wife and father, the Texas economy crashed and about 95% of my art collectors went bankrupt.  In the fall of 1983, our income dropped to zero in a few months time. 

Now, in addition to the possibility of loosing my precious young wife and my wonderful father, I was faced with loosing our beautiful Kerrville land, our home and my art business, which had been very successful up until that time.   I was living a scaled down version of the "Job" story.

It was at this hopeless time in my life that the Holy Spirit of God began to intervene in dramatic ways.  I believe it was in response to my desperate prayers, faith that God was going to help my family, and a sincere search for a deeper relationship with Him.  I was 37 years old at the time.

On July 13, 1989 at the Christian Booksellers Association International Convention, held in Atlanta, Georgia, God introduced Sherry and me to a total stranger named Bill Banks of Kirkwood, Missouri, a great man of God.  It was Bill who introduced us to the "Empowerment of the Holy Spirit" which results in the supernatural "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" being activated in the life of a Christian.  Everything instantly changed, when we prayed with Bill Banks, as we surrendered to God’s will and asked that the supernatural "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" (1Co 12) be released in our lives.

We had no theological framework or friends, at the time, to explain what we experienced in Atlanta.  We were "normal" Southern Baptists about to become "Baptecostals!"  We learned the Empowerment we received was for supernatural service in the Kingdom of God.  We had received an experience that we did not believe existed which Pentecostal and Charismatic Christians call the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit".

But, at the time we were desperate for God and needed His miracle working power. We didn’t care what you called this "Empowerment" experience. We just wanted it if it would help us and was from Jesus!  It was.

Within 12 hours of our simple prayer with Bill Banks, the supernatural Gifts started to manifest in our lives. Sherry and I both sensed instantly after the prayer, that something had changed in our spirits, but we had no frame of reference to explain what we were feeling.  That evening, alone in the motel bathroom, God gave me a Heavenly language as I prayed for understanding.  This was the personal devotional language which the Bible calls "Tongues", and Baptists don’t like! 

Within 36 hours of our "Empowerment" prayer, I had to cast a demon out of a man, by using the name of Jesus Christ in authority.  I had never done this before, had never read about how to do it, or ever talked to anyone about the subject of deliverance!  However, the Holy Spirit came over me and words of authority came out of my mouth.  The man was instantly delivered of demons which had been attacking his life and body for years.  I was amazed.

Within 72 hours of the Atlanta prayer, after we returned to Kerrville, Sherry and I prayed for Helen Barnes, a neighbor in the hospital.  She was instantly healed after our prayers and discharged from the hospital the next morning!  We were amazed and somewhat puzzled.  It seemed that our prayers had a new power and authority that we had never experienced before.

The years since then, up until this very moment, have been filled with literally thousands of incredible, supernatural miracles worked by the Holy Spirit of God when we prayed in the name of Jesus Christ.  Sherry and I have personally witnessed dozens and dozens of people healed of physical, psychological and spiritual problems.  We have seen crossed eyes straightened, blind eyes see, deaf ears opened, cripples throw down their crutches and walk, cancers disappear, and incurable genetic conditions healed, to the astonishment of doctors.  We have witnessed the sexually abused and sex addicts permanently delivered of mental torment.  We have watched drug and alcohol addicts delivered from chemical dependency.  We have also witnessed incredible miracles of provision and finances, not unlike those in the Bible.
Since September of 1976, by the grace of God, our family has personally witnessed thousands of supernatural, scientifically unexplainable miracles.  (Click here to read about my first supernatural miracle, which involved a black bear in Idaho! Or click here to read about God covering over one hundred people with the Shekinah Glory, in Greiner Family Miracles.) 

However, I don’t want to give the wrong impression. Yes, we have seen many miracles.  However, not everyone we pray for is healed or delivered.  Not everyone we witness to about the "Grace of God" is saved.  Sometimes we know why, and sometimes we just don’t.  The reality is that we don’t heal, deliver or save anyone.  Only Jesus Christ does that, through the power of His Holy Spirit.

We have determined it is our job is to obey the voice of God immediately and pray as the Holy Spirit leads.  The Holy Spirit does the "supernatural" stuff; we just do the "natural" stuff!  However, when we do our part, and have been sensitive to the Holy Spirit, many times a miracle results.  On many occasions, multiple miracles result.  It is not our fault!

We have been witnesses to God’s incredible, unexplainable "signs and wonders."  Since March 7, 1999, the visible "Shekinah Glory" of God has formed everyday in our lives. (Click here to learn about this on-going miracle).  Since September of 2006, we have been photographing the "Angelic Creatures" described by Ezekiel in the Bible (Eze 1:15 – 22).  Click here to learn more about this continuing miracle).  I told God long ago not to do anything fun without me!  He has answered this prayer, though I am a "thorn in the theology flesh" to many Christian experts!  However, I settled the question long ago regarding whom I wanted to please, man or God.

But most importantly, God has given us the privilege of leading thousands to Jesus Christ in Salvation and the Empowerment of the Holy Spirit.  Many of these people are now doing ministry and experiencing the same kinds of miracles we have been witnessing.

You see, it is not about us; it is about Jesus Christ.  It is not even about the miracles or the manifestations; it is about Jesus.  The miracles, manifestations and "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" are simply used by God to bring glory and souls to Jesus Christ. 

What About Your Walk With God?

God wants to use His kids to change the world.  He wants us to be His hands and feet. He wants us to speak His words, through the leading of the Holy Spirit. There is no limit what the Holy Spirit will do for one of His children who hungers for more of Jesus and will obey Him.  But, we must have a humble heart, a teachable spirit and always point others to Jesus Christ. 

Unfortunately, throughout human history, many people prefer to make God in their own image, to fit their own theology.  This includes Christians.  As a result, we Christians only personally experience what we have faith to believe from the Word of God.  This is why many Christians live boring, powerless, defeated "religious" lives, void of God’s supernatural power and miracles.  These Christians may be very sincere and learned, but the supernatural power is missing.  So is the joy.  Everything they are doing for God can be done without God.  The Bible says there is a form of Godliness that denies the power thereof. 

Jesus said to "Test the Fruit (Gal 5: 22 – 23) and the Root" (Ro 15: 12 & Jn 15: 5) to evaluate a miracle or a person.  God desires to manifest His supernatural power through His children in our day.  If the supernatural power is missing, then a Christian is not fully equipped to serve God, no matter how much education or position he may have.

Also, be aware that sometimes the miracles we seek are instantaneous.  Other times, the miracles occur slowly over time.  This is Biblical.  Many times, we don’t see the answer to our prayers, but we keep praying anyway.  God is in charge of the results, not us.

Today, God is working incredible, documented, scientifically unexplainable miracles, with millions of His children, all over the world.  But it is imperative to understand that true miracles don’t really come from God’s people, they come through God’s people.  Understand it is not us; it is Him, Jesus Christ. 

This is why a person can be supernaturally healed or delivered of demons, without another Christian around.  The supernatural power comes from touching the heart of God, which each Believer can do on his own.  Yes, God frequently uses other Believers as His vessels to release His power and speak His will into existence.  Sensitive, anointed Believers, who hear the voice of God, can help a person in need identify the things in their lives that are blocking the miracle they need.  But you may be able to do this yourself by being honest with God.

"Born-again," "Baptized in the Holy Spirit" Believers are only vessels, empty pipes, electric wires, that God can use to release His power on earth, if they are yielded and willing.  God alone is the source of all healing and deliverance.  However, if we will walk humbly in obedience with our God, He will manifest His supernatural power through our simple prayers.  But we will let the Holy Spirit work without limitations. 

You see, the problem God has with His kids is, that because of our free will, we won’t obey.  We don’t have to cooperate with God’s will.  It is our choice.  Most of us don’t like to be uncomfortable, or embarrassed, "pushy" or "force" our religious views on someone else.  We don’t really want to boldly step out in faith and "walk on the water."  We are comfortable in our "religious boat," thank you.  Most of us just want our "ticket to Heaven" and a nice life, where we won’t have to talk about our controversial faith in Christ except maybe at church.  However, we are the ones who have been given the words of life by God.  If these words are true, is it right not to share them with a dying world?

The point I am making, with reference to supernatural healing and deliverance from demons, is that God can use anyone that is willing who has faith, including you.  He doesn’t need any of us to do His work, but He desires to use His children to do amazing "natural" and "supernatural" things for the Kingdom of God, so people will know Jesus Christ really is God.

Now with that introduction, the question remains: How does a person get healed or delivered?

There is a simple answer, and a more complicated answer to this timeless question.  The simple answer is: Jesus Christ.  The more complicated answer involves God’s sovereignty, sin, demons, natural consequences, and the "fallen world," freewill of man, obedience and faith.   God has a book which explains all this called the Bible.  Read it.  Read all of it.

Even though God doesn’t work His miracles by formulas or magic words, He has provided Biblical principles to determine His will, in a specific situation. God’s promises are "Yes and Amen", but they are also conditional. He depends on our cooperation and faith to activate the promises.  There are basic principles, if applied, can result in the supernatural release of God’s power into any given situation. 

Our job as Believers is to obey, believe and watch for God in our lives.  If we are in the right relationship with Him, He promises to hear and answer our prayers although it may not be in the way we expect.

God will use His written Word (Logos), and His personal spoken Word (Rhema), which the Holy Spirit will provide everyday if we will ask and listen for this "moment by moment" leading.  These Rhema Words can be given in a variety of ways and can be spoken directly into our spirits or through another Believer.

However, a word of caution: Test everything you hear or read from anyone against the entire written Word of God.  Real "Words" from God do not go against the written Scripture or the nature of Jesus Christ.  Also, the Bible says for us not to "despise prophecy," because we are quick to do that, especially if we don’t agree.  Instead, ask the Holy Spirit to give you discernment and confirmations.  He will.  And, always remember to "Test the Fruit and the Root."

Over a lifetime of seeking God, Sherry and I have learned a few things about the way the Holy Spirit works.  We have found He has a divine priority which He generally follows, when working with people.  For example, God usually heals from the inside out.  In our experience praying individually for thousands of people, we have learned God wants to heal the "inner man," before He heals the "outer man."  In other words, He wants the person’s spirit healed before the flesh (body). 

We have also found that more than anything, God wants people "Saved," "Born-again."  This is God’s first priority and it must be the same for you, if you want to minister in His power and have a successful ministry.  Nothing else is more important because God knows Hell is forever.

Therefore, we have found that if these divine priorities are covered, the odds for a supernatural miracle are greatly increased.  In fact, we have also found that if any of God’s priorities are ignored as the Holy Spirit gives them to you, you can pray until you are "blue in the face" and the miracle won’t happen.  When you follow the leading and priorities of the Holy Spirit, the miracle often happens even before you ask!

Therefore, when we pray for miracles of any kind, for groups or individuals, we try to deal with these issues, in this order.  These should be your priority too if you need a miracle:

If you want to be healed: 
  1. GET SAVED - Healing on this earth, both physical and psychological, means nothing if you spend eternity separated from God, burning in Hell.  Hell is a real place of torment.  If your personal theology doesn’t like that, take it up with Jesus.  He spent a lot of His earthly ministry warning people not to go to this place.  If you don’t think there is a Hell then you think Jesus is a liar; therefore, don’t bother asking Him to heal you or your loved ones.

    When I minister to people, I always make sure a person will have "eternal healing" before I address the "earthly healing" that is needed.  Unfortunately, some people only want the healing but and not the Healer, Jesus Christ. 

    You come to God under His terms or you don’t come at all.  A primary condition for receiving a miracle of healing or deliverance is to first come into a genuine, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  If you’re not willing to accept His free gift of Salvation and be "Born-Again", so you can be in the right relationship with God, you don’t need to read any further.  The sickness you are dealing with now is the least of your problems.  Your greatest problem is Hell - don’t go there. 

    Jesus Himself chose to pay for your sins on the cross if you surrender your life and trust in His goodness.  He has given you the ability to have faith in Him, but you must choose to love Him.  God knows, love can’t be forced.  Read "Where will you be in 1,000 years?" which explains how to begin a personal relationship with God through His only Son Jesus Christ.  And, in case you are wondering, religion, church, water baptism and good works that you have done in your life won’t get you there. Only faith in Jesus Christ will save you from Hell.  I don’t make the rules, God does.
  1. GET EMPOWERED - If you are serious with God and really want to be healed, and used by God as a vessel to help others find healing, you need to be "Empowered" with the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit".  These nine supernatural "Gifts" (1Co 12) are the power Gifts, which are already inside of every true Believer. This is because the Holy Spirit comes inside a Believer at the moment of Salvation.  All His Gifts come with Him.

    However, these miracle working Gifts don’t normally manifest until the Believer yields in prayer and asks for them to manifest.  The Book of Acts had many examples of this second "Empowering" experience.  First, comes faith in Christ (Salvation) followed by the "Empowerment" (Baptism of the Holy Spirit).  Water Baptism occurs as a public profession of faith in Christ and is not required for Salvation.  Water Baptism doesn’t save or empower a person.  Those are separate and distinct works of the Holy Spirit.

    Salvation only comes from the "Born-again" experience. The power and authority comes from the "Baptism of the Holy Spirit."  These two spiritual experiences can be received at the same time but commonly they occur at different times in the life of a person.  If you don’t have some of the nine supernatural miracle gifts manifesting in your life with frequency, then you haven’t yet received the Empowerment, or you are not using what you have. 

    God never intended for Christians to go up against demons without His supernatural Gifts in operation.  With this Empowerment, you have the spiritual authority to cast out demons, from yourself, and others, when you are functioning under the leadership of the Holy Spirit.  Click here to learn how to receive this Empowerment experience.  It is incredible.  Fear not, God only gives good Gifts!
  1. REPENT - Don’t expect to be healed, delivered or receive a miracle if you are living in sin or willful disobedience to God and His laws.  You can be a sinner at the time you ask, but you must be a sinner who sincerely chooses not to sin anymore. 

    The Bible says to confess your sins, turn from them and you will be forgiven – of anything.  God already knows your sins.  He just wants you to acknowledge them.  Many times when Jesus healed or delivered someone from demons, the last thing He told them was, "Sin no more."  The reason He said that was because sin attracts demons and demons can bring illness and other serious problems back. Healing and deliverance can be temporary.  Jesus warned, "Sin no more, less a worse thing comes upon you."
  1. FORGIVE - Forgive everyone, living or dead, who has hurt you in the past.  This is a really big deal to God.  You see, He forgave you of every sin when Jesus died on the cross.  He expects you now to forgive others for anything they have done or said.  This is because when you forgive others, you can be healed and delivered.  If you don’t forgive others, Satan and his demons have the legal, spiritual right to torment you.  If you are living in un-forgiveness now, you already know about torment and depression.

    Often when we have prayed for the sick, they were instantly healed of physical conditions and emotional disorders as soon as they forgave the people that hurt them.  Several times the person was instantly healed even before we could ask God for healing! 

    Many times when praying with adults that were sexually abused as children, they indicated they could not forgive the rapists that ruined their lives.  However, each time we prayed that God would give them His power to forgive, they were instantly able to forgive the perpetrator.   It is amazing what the power of God can do, in an instant, to heal years of emotional torment that the psychiatrists and psychologists couldn’t fix with years of therapy and drugs.

    To our knowledge, all of these sexually abused people were psychologically healed by God that we have prayed for.  Many had years of unsuccessful counseling and therapy.  Drugs, shock treatments and psychological therapy may help improve a person’s mental situation for a while, but only Jesus can truly set the captive free.  This is because the root of most emotional problems is demonic.  If you don’t deal with this demonic stronghold, you are only treating the symptoms, not the cause. 

    Therefore, if you want to be physically and emotionally healed, ask God who it is you need to forgive.  The Holy Spirit will tell you.  Then, forgive them out loud in prayer, and turn them over to Jesus.  If you ask, the Holy Spirit will not only tell you who you must forgive, but He will give you the ability to do it.  He is a good God and doesn’t want His children tormented.  Forgive others, so you can be healed.

    Finally, God also wants you to forgive yourself.  You are weak, imperfect, and sometimes an innocent victim of the sins of others.  Only God is perfect.  He expects you to forgive yourself because He forgave you for all your sins when you were born-again.  Jesus died on the cross for you; therefore, you are worth a lot to God.  He paid a very high price for you.  Pray out loud and forgive yourself, in the name of Jesus.  Amazing things will happen.
  1. RENOUNCE - Once a "Baptized in the Holy Spirit" Believer has repented of their sins and forgiven others and themselves, it is time to break all curses that are operating.  Demons come against a person whenever anyone speaks a curse over someone or has a curse spoken over them.  The Bible says a curse cannot light without a cause.  However, sin in our lives is the reason curses and demons are able to have such a dramatic negative effect in this world. 

    Because of your new Empowerment, and because Jesus has cleansed you, you have the spiritual authority now to break these curses over yourself and others in the name of Jesus.  The effects of curses are real and can be devastating.  They are  caused by speaking evil over a person or one’s self, or by taking unholy oaths like those required of Freemasons, Mormons, witches and Satanists. 

    God has given you authority to renounce and break these curses, in the name of Jesus, after repentance and forgiveness have occurred. Therefore, it is imperative to speak out loud, break all kinds of spoken curses, generational curses and any other kinds of curses in the name of Jesus, by the power of His blood.  This action breaks Satan’s power and authority to work through these curses.
  1. REBUKE - Demons are involved in this world more than our enlightened intellect wants to admit.  Jesus said demons are real.  Satan and his demons are still causing problems for billions of people all over the world.  Demons are involved in all kinds of evil and often involved in illness.  They love addictions such as drugs, alcoholism, homosexuality and other immoral sexual sins, because they get to take control of the person.

    However, realize that in our modern world, demons are smart enough to keep a low profile.  After all, if Satan can convince us they are not real, their job is much easier.  Like a cancer that has yet to be discovered, demonic destruction continues unabated.

    Demons are also at the root of worldwide evil, which results in all kinds of sin including war, terrorism, murder, rape, theft, and abuse.  Many times our "flesh" and carnal desires cooperates with demonic plans.  We are soon caught in the snare of Satan.  Our greed, pride, and lust (sin) nature makes us easy prey.  Only by the power of Jesus Christ can we resist temptation.

    Demons are always present if you have been involved with counterfeit belief systems, such as false religions, cults or witchcraft.  Unfortunately, "religious" demonic spirits are also in the Christian church.  You can often spot them on people who are very judgmental and vehemently opposed to the supernatural manifestations and "Gifts of the Holy Spirit."  For example, people who have taken the evil suicide oaths of Free Masonry are always opposed to the operation of the "Gifts of the Holy Spirit" in the church. Frequently, these same people are involved in the church’s leadership.  This is how Satan keeps the power of the Holy Spirit out of the church and "quenches the Spirit."

    To cast out demons, simply speak out loud, in a normal voice, when addressing demons. First, bind the demons and command them to come out, in the name of Jesus, by His blood.  Demons hate the blood even more than the name of Jesus.  It is not volume that casts out demons; it is the authority of Jesus Christ.  You don’t need to yell.  Remember it is God almighty that is fighting the spiritual battle, not you.  He always wins!

    Also, as a point of clarification, it has been said: "Christians can’t have demons, but demons can have Christians!  The truth is that Christians can be demonized too, to the point where they appear "possessed" like a lost person.  However, if a person is truly "Born-again", he or she is the possession of Jesus Christ.  No demon has the power to take you out of His hand.   So, technically the demonization in Christians is called "oppression" rather than "possession."  However, the damage to the person and the demonic manifestations can be very dramatic in both cases. 

    Satan sends demons against Christians to stop the plan God has for their lives.  Satan hates God and he hates Believers, especially those that are trying to "steal" his captives.  As the Apostle Paul said, our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against Satanic powers and principalities in high places (Eph 6:12).

    Therefore, if a person does not have Salvation, a true personal relationship with Jesus, then Satan already has them, and technically they are owned by Satan and are his possession.  These are the ones headed for Hell and he doesn’t have to bother them much once they are on his track.
  1. ASK - Ask in the name of Jesus for God to heal you and deliver you.  Specifically, name the conditions and behaviors you want healed and changed.  Ask the Lord to deliver you from any demonization which might be present.  If any is there, Jesus can get it out.  The reason you should be specific in your request is because when God gives you your specific answer, you should give Him the credit and glory for the answer.  Unfortunately, many Christians get their miracle and then believe a lie Satan puts in their minds telling them it was just a coincidence.  When you get your answer always give Jesus the glory.
  1. COMMIT - Promise God in prayer that you will walk in His ways and try not to sin anymore. Commit to Him your desire to live a holy life.  Tell Jesus He can live His life through you.  Become a "living sacrifice."  Commit to pray, worship, tithe, read and obey the Word of God.  Commit to be the "New Creation" God desires for you (2Co 5:17).
  1. THANK - Finally, thank God for answering your requests even before you see any evidence they have been granted.  That is true faith.  Trust God with the "how" and the "when." Also remember, some prayers are answered instantly.  We usually call these miracles. Other miracles may take place over time or gradually.  Plus, remember that Satan and his demons resist the miracles and angels of God.  In the case of Daniel in the Old Testament, the angels were delayed with God’s answer because of the resistance of satanic angels.  In this case, pray harder, fast, and get other believers praying for the healing needed. 

    Also, God may test your faith for a season to see if it is lasting and not temporary.  He already knows; He just wants you to know.

Now, if you have done these things, then you are in an excellent place spiritually to pray and receive the supernatural miracle, healing or deliverance you need from God. 

All this may be new to some of you reading this article, therefore, below is an example of a healing prayer you can use, after you are "Born-again" and "Baptized in the Holy Spirit"

Lord God, I come to you now, in the name of Jesus Christ, as your child for healing and deliverance.

A. I Repent of my sins and confess them now before You.  Please forgive me of these sins that I have committed: 




Jesus, thank you for forgiving me, again. It is now my choice to sin no more. Please help my live a holy life, set apart for you.

B.   Lord, I know it is wrong, according to your Word, to hold un-forgiveness toward others. Therefore, I confess this sin and ask you now to give me the power and ability now to FORGIVE all those who have hurt me in my life.  In accordance to your will, I choose to forgive these people:  




Thank you God, for lifting this burden from me.  I give these people to you now, for your judgement and salvation.  I ask that you forgive them for their sins against me.  I release them now, in the name of Jesus. Deal with them according to Your will.


God, I also now ask You to give me the ability to forgive myself.  You have forgiven me of my sins, and died for me, therefore, I forgive myself.  Thank you for filling my spirit with joy and a new song!


C.  Father, in the name of Jesus, I RENOUNCE all evil oaths and curses that I have spoken over myself, or others.  I ask you to forgive me, and cancel out these unholy words I have spoken:  




Lord, I also ask You now, in the name of Jesus, to break any demonic curses, of any kind that affect my life.  I renounce any curses that others have spoken against me.   In the name of Jesus, I break all known and unknown curses spoken against me, by the power and blood of Jesus Christ.  

D.  By the power and authority given to me, as a child of God, I REBUKE all demonic spirits that are attacking me now, in the name of Jesus Christ, by the power of His blood.  Satan, I bind you and your demons! I command you to loose yourself from my life, my mind and my body.  I rebuke you to the place where Jesus Christ sends you.   You can not torment any more.  All evil spirits attached to my addictions, sins and disease are cast out now, in the name of Jesus.  You now longer have authority in my life.  I am forgiven and covered by the blood of Jesus!  You can€™t touch me! 

God, please surround me with a hedge of protection and your holy angels.  Keep my from giving Satan and his demons another opportunity to attack and destroy me.  Thank you God for delivering me from all demonic influences in my life. 

E.  Father, in the name of Jesus, through the power of the Holy Spirit, I ASK you now to supernaturally heal me and deliver me of my afflictions, illnesses and addictions. Do a creative miracle in me, please.  

And, God, if you choose to work through doctors and medicine, give them wisdom.  I pray only the medical treatment you desire for me will take place.  I trust you Lord and ask that Your will be done to heal me, as you desire.   I ask You now to specifically heal and deliver me from: 




Thank you God, for pouring out your healing virtue on me at this very moment!

F.   Lord, I COMMIT to you now, that it is my desire to begin a new life of holiness.  Help me God, walk in Your way and will.  I commit my life, gifts, abilities and resources to you, for your use.  I commit to seek you everyday, to pray without ceasing, to read and study your Word, and to surrender my will to Yours, everyday.  Help me God keep this commitment and, live a life that is pleasing to you, from now on. I commit to serve You all the days of my life and tell others about You.  

G.   God, I THANK you for all your blessings, and for everything You have done for me.  I thank You for your intervention in my life, and for the miracles you have begun, at this very moment.  I thank you, Holy Spirit for answering my requests and for working miracles for me, on my behalf.  I thank you for what you have done for me God, even before I have seen any evidence, because I know you are a good God, who loves me.  I thank you Lord, for Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  I thank you for my miracles!  

In the mighty name of Jesus Christ, the name that is above all names!  AMEN!

Now, get others you know who believe God is willing and able to work miracles to pray for you, until you see the full manifestation of the miracles you need.  Get as many Believers as you can, who believe God still works miracles to pray and lay hands on you.  Have the elders of your church anoint you with oil and pray for the miracle.  Do whatever the Holy Spirit tells you to do.  If you don’t see any results, keep believing for your miracle, and pray about fasting.  Fasting is like supercharged prayer.  I don’t know how it works, but God ordained fasting often results in the breakthrough needed.

Once you receive your healing, deliverance or miracle, you need to share it with others, so that Jesus Christ is glorified.  That is the primary reason God works miracles, to bring glory and souls to Jesus.  God is not asking you to tell people you are healed when you are not.  He wants you to be an honest witness with facts.  However, He does want you to trust that He is working on your behalf and is answering your prayers.  He rewards faith.

Once the miracle is manifested in your life, start witnessing it to others so Jesus can get glory and the faith of others might be lifted.  Testify to the facts, whatever they are.  You don’t have to exaggerate what God has done for you, or claim you are healed when it hasn’t manifested yet.  But, let people know you are trusting in the God who loves you. Don’t worry about your reputation, or what others might think or say.  Jesus did not worry about His reputation, when He died naked on a cross for you. 

Finally, boldly witness your miracle and faith in Christ.  The Holy Spirit will give you’re the words, and anoint them with supernatural power, to bring other people closer to Jesus.  Many times, I have shared a miracle that God worked in my life, only to have God do more miracles for others present at that moment, after I finished my testimony.  Faith comes by hearing.  And, always remember, always point people to Jesus Christ!  Jesus said, if you acknowledge Him before men, He will acknowledge you before the Father.

We are praying that God will use this essay on Healing & Deliverance to bless and heal you! 





If you have been healed or delivered as a result of visiting our website, would you please send us a letter or email along with your picture?  It is a great encouragement to us to learn that the testimony and light we are sharing here is having an effect

Read to see how this continuing miracle began, in the "Greiner Family Miracles."

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