Back Tracking - College Years

In the fall of 1970, Max enrolled in the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas.  He earned a degree in Environmental Design in 1974.  During this formative time, inspiring professors like Rodney Hill and Alan Stacell encouraged Max to explore the limits of his imagination, which he did, earning him the nickname, “Mad Max”.  This term of endearment was given to him because of the many imaginative art projects Max created as student, which are still remembered and studied by design classes.

Max’s college years were a critical time in his development as an artist and designer.  He learned not to limit his imagination; all areas of design were open for exploration.  While most artists limit themselves to one medium, subject matter or area of study, Max refused to specialize. As a result, his creativity was expressed in a variety of ways including drawing, painting, sculpture, jewelry, photography, clothing design, building design, landscape design.  The training Max received at TAMU would serve him well later in life.



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