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Max first created bronze sculptures in 1978, starting with a yearly edition of 1/7 life-size sculptures of North American Wildlife.  The first eight annual editions of Max’s wildlife bronzes, prized by collectors, sold out many years ago.  Castings have frequently sold on the resale market, for two and three times the original issue price.  In addition to Max’s wildlife bronzes, he also sculpted two special Archery Art editions, which were created to raise money for wildlife conservation and education.  Max’s most recent sculpture editions have been of Christian subject matter, for the glory of God.

As a service to Max’s existing art collectors, we provide a means by which his collectors can re-sell their bronzes.  It is rare that Greiner bronzes are ever placed on the resale market these days.  However, occasionally a collector must sell his Greiner art, due to personal reasons.  Because of these circumstance, other collectors have the rare opportunity to acquire Max’s bronze sculptures, at excellent prices.

Please contact Max Greiner, Jr. Designs, if you have an interest in acquiring one of these sculptures, or making an offer.

Bronze Sculptures Currently Available for Resale: None


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