About Our Company
Max & Sherry Greiner (1975)   Max & Sherry Greiner (2012)
Max and Sherry backpacked and bow-hunted elk
in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado on their
August 1975 Honeymoon.
The Greiners celebrated the opening of their forth art gallery on October 30, 2021, near the entrance of The Coming King Sculpture Prayer Garden, which they built and donated to glorify Jesus Christ.


About Our Company

Max Greiner, Jr. Designs is a family owned art, gift and design business that was founded in the spring of 1978, near the small southeast Texas town of Woodville, by Max and Sherry Greiner. From the very beginning it has been the desire of the Greiners to create meaningful, high quality artwork, in a variety of forms, which would bless generations. Today, Max’s professional work includes original drawings, paintings, sculpture, jewelry, graphics, photography, writing and a high quality line of art gifts.

The Greiner company sells the creations of only one artist - Max Greiner, Jr. It is sold directly to clients. Because outside agents and gallery commissions are not involved, Max’s artwork is available at the best possible pricing.

This business “model” has allowed the artist to explore the limits of his God-given imagination and talent without being forced to produce a particular “product” for a specific market, or gallery. As a result, during Max’s lifetime, he has achieved a professional level of success in the broad fields of art, architecture, landscape architecture, advertising, jewelry design, graphic design, writing and photography. 

Today, Max’s artwork is collected in all 50 states and more than two dozen countries. It is in the collections of popes, preachers, presidents, governors, business leaders and the stars of TV, movies, sports and music. Tens of thousands of people own Greiner work, which ranges in price from $4 to $2,000,000, and ¾” to 77’7” in size! 

Even though hundreds of sub-contractor craftsmen help Max create much of his work, the number of Greiner employees is kept to a minimum. A small number of highly skilled and dedicated Greiner employees work not far from the artist’s studio/home located on their Hill Country ranch. Unfortunately, the Greiners no longer have an “open to the public” gallery or studio. However, a “virtual tour” of their unique studio/home and ranch can be viewed at any time at their website.

In 1974, Max earned an Environmental Design degree from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University, in College Station.  Sherry earned her degree in English and Spanish from Lamar University in Beaumont, TX, where she graduated with high honors.

After graduation, Max practiced architecture with the Architects Partnership in Dallas.  Then, in 1976 he accepted an advertising and graphic design job with the third largest archery company in the world at the time, Jennings Compound Bow, Inc. Max soon was promoted to the Advertising & Promotion Director of the corporation.  Sherry taught middle school and later worked as a bilingual secretary for two eye surgeons in Los Angeles.

However, in the spring of 1978, after much prayer, the Greiners left the security of their “real” jobs in California to see if they could make a living from Max’s “fine art” back in Texas. At the tender age of 27, Max and Sherry started their new art business near the small southeast Texas town of Woodville. The young couple got down to $40 in their bank account, before their new art business took off, with the publication of their first Art Newsletter.  Within 48 hours after mailing about 250 newsletters, the Greiners sold more than $15,000 worth of Max’s paintings and wildlife bronze sculptures! 

God greatly blessed the work of their hands. In July of 1981, the couple bought 12 acres of rugged property in the beautiful Texas Hill County, a few miles from Kerrville.  They lived on the raw land in a mobile home, with the dream to design and build a passive solar, earth sheltered (green) studio/home. In 1999, the Greiners were finally able to build their very unique “dream” studio/home on their 120 acres of land.

Originally, Max’s artwork was marketed through art shows, art galleries, gift dealers, trade shows, their own mail order catalog and art gallery in Kerrville.  By the age of 35 in 1986, the Greiners had sold over a million dollars worth of Max’s fine art. That same year, they added a line of quality art gifts to Max’s original “fine” art collection. 

In 1996, thanks to Sherry’s insistence, Max wrote and designed a simple website which for the first time featured his artwork on the internet.  Today, the Greiner website not only displays Max’s art, but it also shares the artist’s creative process and the inspiration behind it to people around the world.

Back in 1978, Max’s art subject matter consisted mostly of wildlife, landscapes and people.  Then, in the spring of 1986, God began to redirect Max’s life, art and business, which the Greiners finally surrendered to God. As a direct result, God took the artist to new heights they never imagined. 

Max learned that God was still willing to “commission” artists to create inspired works of art, just as He did thousands of years before, with the artist of the Tabernacle, Bezalel (Exodus 35: 30 – 33).  Today as a result, much of Max’s art relates to the Creator, not just His creation!

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Max used his 1974 Degree from the College of Architecture at Texas A&M University to build their studio home on 126 acres of beautiful Texas Hill Country land not far from Kerrville, TX.
The Greiners moved into their new passive solar, earth sheltered (Green) studio/home, designed by Max in December of 1998.
Production Manager Jose D. Mendoza started working for the Greiners in 1988 at age 22 and helped Max sculpture the 105% life-size "Divine Servant" ®.
Debby Schmidt joined Max Greiner, Jr. Designs in July 2018. She became the Greiner’s Office Manager in September 2019. Debby oversees the office operation and maintains relationships with clients and suppliers. She also knows the Lord personally and will pray for you if you ask her!
The Greiners lease a modest space from The Coming King Foundation for the "Artists Gallery & Gift Shop". The well-stocked store features original art and art gifts made by the Paddlefords, Broussards and Greiners, who donated their monumental sculptures to the garden for the glory of God.
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